Projects In Wood
Artist's Gallery

The display area at the Artisans in the Yard is a light airy place place that shows art done by local Artists. We try to show a variety of work and styles. Annette Glen who lives in Shefford manages the space and if you wish to show your art do not hesitate in contacting her. These are the artists we are currently showing

Annette Glen
I have always been creative. I have always wanted to paint. I love learning new things. I am passionate about paintings. I love real life drama and often things happen to me which I don't plan. I begin with an idea and it grows into something big and colourful when it was meant to be small and delicate. So when I start a painting I see colours ands shapes in my mind but then the image takes on a life of its own . . . my ideas change, unexpected images appear and the result ends up quite different to how I planned it. Happy accidents I call them.

I use many different painting techniques . . . I change my style, break the rules . . . . rethink my ideas, escape from tradition - and definitely no repeats! When I see something I want to paint I just go with the flow and follow the paint. I have terrible failures. I tear things up . . . and one day suddenly something works . . . and the results can be quite exciting!

My garden is my studio. The light is wonderful through the windows of my conservatory. My inspiration comes from the sun on the flowers or the light through the branches of the trees . . . or a walk in the woods near where I live. taking photographs from funny angles I enjoy, dull days drive me mad I always have ten things I want to paint in my head.
Jenny Wills
I have always enjoyed drawing, painting and being creative. Determined to be a Primary School Teacher I studied Art to A Level and then found little time for my own art activities as I pursued my career. But during that career I do hope I passed on to my pupils, some of the pleasures I find in art.

It wasn’t until I retired to the Algarve, Portugal in 2003, that I had the time to rekindle my passion for art. I focused on water colour techniques. The natural light intensity and vibrant colours of the Algarve are inspirational.

I enjoy painting a huge variety of subject matter and because I studied biology at college I have always been interested in wildlife, flowers, birds and landscapes which feature in much of my work. I have also successfully produced potraits in watercolour, pencil and pastel.
I like doing commissions and have had great success in creating a picture of a person’s favourite or special place, like where they got married, lived, visited. Often these are wedding gifts and become a special gift . . . and all from a photo!
Irina Polis
I was born in USSR in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Moved in UK at 2006. Has always been interested in abstract art & combines her life experiences through work experiences. Worked previously fo Contemporary Culture Centre Garage in central London.A few years ago i have discovered amazing “the made in France” Pébéo painting products…I love the self manipulation of glossy paint as Moon,Prisma and Vitrail , love texture as modelling pastes ,jels which create a 3D effects.Following a recent family tragedy this has pushed me in to expressing life through the abstract colour world of Pébéo and resin.