Artisans in the Yard - Art
About Us
Artisans in the Yard is tucked back from Shefford High Street and although slightly off the beaten track offers both the Public and local Artisans a place to come together.

So what is in it for the Public?
When looking for special gifts or something that is unique and locally produced, Artisans in the Yard can meet your need. Every item we sell is the product of local energy and inspiration - be it a card that was originally hand painted by a local Artist or a bowl or pot turned by one of our two wood turners. It has been crafted locally and by someone you may be standing behind at a local super market check out.
Sometimes locality goes a step further, when the wood used comes from a tree that was grown here in Bedfordshire. No rain forest degradation, but wood rescued and repurposed for your pleasure.

So whats in it for the Artisan?
The Artisans showing their work in the Gallery are all local, and the Gallery provides a centre in Shefford to display their creations. Although many will show paintings of product at shows, craft fairs, on line and in other places, the Gallery does give a home and hub to show and tell.
We are always looking for new Artisans to display their work so please don't hesitate to contact us.

What else is in the Gallery?
Apart from the display area there are two Workshops and one Studio. The front workshop is where Adrian whittles wood and repairs things made of wood. Recent repairs included reveneering a Jardinière, refurbishing a much loved picture frame, and a new table top for a collectable.
Want a special table or commission a jewellery box for a loved one then Adrian can help. Many of his creations are made from reclaimed hardwood, or sustainable European hardwoods like Oak and Ash.

Studio & Workshop Space
Yes space is available - move your creative activities to a new level or just find a place out of the home to concentrate on the hobby you love.