Ethics & Values
Projects In Wood is a small artisan workshop and works within a set of Ethics and Values.

Ethics in Sourcing Materials

New Timber - Where possible new timber will be sourced from local suppliers, but as fine wood timber merchants are limited, particular grades and varieties may have to be sourced from specialists around the country.
Timber must come from sustainable and ethical sources which may preclude the use of some exotic timbers.

Secondhand Timber - Utilising old timber from secondhand sources is a viable option and can be most satisfying to both myself and clients. This is especially when the old item has some sentimental value or the old wood has a special character.

Self Sourced Timber - There maybe opportunities to take advantage of timber harvested by myself or clients. This does require time for seasoning the wood which may take many months.

Man Made Materials - Projects In Wood does not use materials like MDF, Chipboard and soft utility timber like Deal when creating items. Sometimes laminates and veneers are used, especially on work surfaces, but where possible only solid timber is used.

Business Ethics & Values

Honesty and openness are key values in doing business with Projects In Wood. Recognition of obligations on both sides, supplier and client, forms the basis of building a partnership to undertake work, and deliver results.

Being a small concern credit cannot be considered and payment is required both on purchase of materials, and delivery of the final item.

Projects In Wood trusts that clients will see the value in owning an item that is unique and of quality. In turn Projects In Wood sees the value in providing a service and creating something special. With that in mind Projects In Wood hopes that clients pass on recommendation which is the only basis for Projects In Wood obtaining new work.

Adrian Goulding
Trading as Project In Wood