Projects In Wood
What I have been Commissioned to make
Commissions are specific Projects I have been asked to make for people.
I only want to work in quality wood and enjoy challenges..

2018 was a busy year and here are some of the Commissions I had pleasure in delivering. Other work was a variety of jobs from repairs to antique furniture, picture frames, remodelling existing furniture and bespoke hardwood features in remodelled rooms

Kitchen Doors
Made in Ash and Walnut. These saloon doors were designed for a person who had a big problem with her dog. He wanted to be in the kitchen when he wasn't wanted. So the criteria was that it had to be strong but allow the dog to see in. Also allow circulation in and out of the kitchen when the family was about. The doors are a great success and the client is very please.
Refurbished Double Bass
Roy had a well loved double bass, but it was in a rather sad condition. Not only did it need a repolish but also required repairs on the edges and back. The picture show a very happy Roy tuning it after I delivered a good result
Church Notice Board
The old notice board was very sad and had come to the end of its life. But it had been a gift in memory of a member of the congregation. I copied the design but built it in oak to make sure the memory continues for many years. I will be creating a second one in a similar design for the church in 2019